Faith and Imagination

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How do we envision our highest ideals, deepest commitments, and most expansive sense of who we are? The Faith and Imagination podcast explores the life of faith and the world of ideas, conversing ecumenically with people who address our religious and spiritual lives insightfully, creatively, and meaningfully. Sponsored by the BYU Humanities Center.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Art as a Window onto the Divine, with guest Katie Kresser, Seattle Pacific University

    Katie Kresser is Professor of Art History at Seattle Pacific University and author of the 2019 book Bezalel’s Body: The Death of God and the Birth of Art. The book describes how art accentuates the relationship between the human and the divine. We talk about Katie’s theological and devotional vision of ...


  2. Season 1 Recap: Reflecting Back, Looking Forward

    Host Matthew Wickman and producers Abby Thatcher and Sam Jacob talk about Season 1 of the podcast, discussing the origins of the podcast and key takeaways thus far. They also look ahead to Season 2, beginning in just a few weeks. ...


  3. Theological Aesthetics and the Work of Michael O'Brien, with guest Rebekah Ann Lamb, University of St. Andrews

    Rebekah Ann Lamb is Lecturer in Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St. Andrews. Her work explores intersections between theology, visual arts, and literature, and she has additional interests in Biblical Studies, Dante, and Christian Personalism, which asserts the ultimate value of persons, human and divine. We ...


  4. Our Denial of Death and the Religious Impulse, with guest Kelsey Osgood, freelance writer

    Kelsey Osgood is a freelance writer and the author of How to Disappear Completely: On Modern Anorexia. Her work has appeared in such venues as The New Yorker’s Culture Desk Blog, Time, Harper’s, the New York Times, and Salon. Recently, in Plough Quarterly, she published “The Yahrzeit of Ernest Becker,” a personal essay about coming to terms ...


  5. On Prayer and Abundance, with guest Tish Harrison Warren, Resurrection South Austin

    The Reverend Tish Harrison Warren is a priest in the Anglican Church in North America, a former campus minister, and current writer-in-residence at Resurrection South Austin. She is a regular columnist for the magazine Christianity Today and has also written for such venues as The New York Times, Religion News ...